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Thursday, December 7, 2023
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7 Uzbek women brought to India for prostitution; DCW seeks in-depth probe

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The Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) on Tuesday issued a notice to the crime branch of the Delhi Police seeking an in-depth probe into an international trafficking and prostitution racket as part of which seven Uzbek women were brought to India via different routes on the pretext of providing jobs.

The complaint received by the DCW alleged that after arriving in India these women were forced into prostitution and sexual slavery. DCW chief Swati Maliwal has asked the police to submit a report on the matter by September 2.

The women informed DCW that some of them were brought to Delhi via Nepal while some other were brought directly to India on tourist and medical visas, at different times.

“The passports and other documents of those who were brought via Nepal were snatched away in the neighbouring country (Nepal) itself and were then brought to Delhi,” the complainant alleged adding that the documents and passports of those who were brought to Delhi on medical visa were taken away by the traffickers after they arrived India.

The women have stated when they resisted being forced into prostitution, they were allegedly beaten and were threatened that they would be put into jail after being caught.

They further disclosed how they were sold to different owners in Delhi and were raped repeatedly.

One of the women also alleged that a person used to visit her captor’s place after posing as a police officer and used to often threaten her as he carried a gun.

When the women managed to escape and reach Uzbekistan Embassy a couple of days ago, the two accused persons followed them and kidnapped one of the women at gunpoint.

The traffickers allegedly released the kidnapped woman after the embassy contacted her on phone. Admitting to receiving threat calls from the traffickers, the women got their statements recorded with the police personnel while they were present at the Uzbekistan embassy.

The DCW has sought the details of the accused persons, if arrested, and has directed the Delhi Police to conduct an in-depth investigation into the said matter.

The commission has asked the police to get the victims’ documents back and has sought action into the matter latest by September 2.

“Delhi has become a hub of traffickers. The traffickers are operating on an international level and women and girls are being trafficked to and from India across international borders. If traffickers manage to traffic women and girls across international borders, then it also becomes a threat to the safety and security of the nation,” Swati Maliwal, DCW Chief said.

“A detailed enquiry must be conducted into the racket by Delhi Police and the kingpin of the racket should be identified and arrested immediately,” she added.

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