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A decade of Mumbai attack

Pakistan and its ISI are in a war with India since a long time. Beyond a point, we cannot expect America to help India. Russia is in its own. China is the ardent driving force of Pakistan in its war against India which will not stop even after any resolution of Kashmir, as Musharraf has already stated that intention in an interview. So we Indians have to deal with the various threat of Pakistan, China, Naxals, poverty, atrocities on women, other weaker sections of society, population explosion, polygamy etc. Trust Indian armed forces which are the best saviour. With our cognizance and help, they will win the jihadis and their supporters for us.

What a great country is ours! Whether BJP rules or Congress, a small neighbour has been wagging tail right from independence and we are at the receiving end with no international support for us! Some bold action required to pay the neighbour in their own coin for a long time. And that also after taking help of almost all the major investigating agencies around the world. It’s a shame that our investigating agencies are so incompetent. We should rather hire FBI for investigating for us and pay them hefty fees for doing it well.

What a way fellow humans are being perpetrated by the individuals who think the god invented much later in human history is the true one! The funny part is those who have been the attackers/thieves and plunderers over centuries cry and lament that they have been wronged and are illiterates. Pakistan’s ISI has been instrumental in training and arming and the logistics for infiltration across the porous Indian border. It is well known that the Pakistan Army calls the shots in the day to day administration. In this case, a route by sea was shown for infiltration. Despite strong corroboratory evidence, the handlers have not been brought to book. It was nice on the part of the FBI to provide crucial evidence.

Pakistani terrorists and the fast Motor Boat that passed by dozens of Indian Navy Warships and Coast Guard vessels in Mumbai harbour and created terror on that fateful day shows how weak and incapable is our security system in place. The Indian intelligence and surveillance by the Indian Navy and CG were nullified on November 26, 2008. A handful of Terrorists seized the Taj hotel, went about their mission killing nearly 400 innocent people including the anti-terrorism top cop of Mumbai. How many civilians lost their lives in the serial attacks which has now become history now.

Our Police Force needs better awareness of the importance of FORENSICS in every case they handle, even some ‘white collar’ crimes. I believe the first police to arrive at the scene of the crime should secure it properly with tapes and notices warning persons not to come in. This is often not done. Important items of evidence are often “dumped” in Police Stations where ‘contamination of evidence’ takes place. Senior Police Officers need to act in educating every one of their rank and file.

Quite strange are the ways of investigation. We are hunting for tough evidence and proofs to show that the 10 nonstate actors, who sailed from Karachi and entered Mumbai, killed 166 people besides injuring more than 400 innocents in the name of terror.  In the process, what best evidence one needs other than the confession of the last elected PM-Nawaz Sharif who in May 2018 publicly acknowledged in an interview to leading newspaper of Pakistan about the Pakistani terrorists belonging to LeT outfit. Nine of these terrorists got Killed while as the lone survivor-Ajmal Kasab was tried and finally hanged. Mr. Sharief also criticized the delay in the Mumbai attack trial in Pakistan and how the founder and trainer of LeT camp, Hafiz Sayyed and Lakhvi are enjoying free life in that country and have even floated a political party. The USA has even declared a hefty bounty on the head of accused Hafiz Saeed.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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