Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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A frivolous attempt to scandalise the court

The Supreme Court’s verdict on Late Justice Loya case should be welcomed by all. There is a clamour for post-mortem of every VVIPs of the past, including Gandhi and now Loya. The Supreme Court should have laid down the rule that all post-mortem should be conducted within six months of death and that should be accepted as the final one. PIL are mostly private interested litigation nowadays. The Justices have taken a very long time to come to this quite sensible decision. Pontificating over the abuse of PILs as a means of settling scores personal, or otherwise, the Lords have forgotten that it is they, as a forum, who have indirectly encouraged such abuse by acknowledging such petitions and spending their valuable time and energy in disposing them off at a leisurely pace. By so doing under a spurious and unwanted sense of justice, they have also spawned a big group of lawyers, who have made it a livelihood profession to make money. It is a welcome move that the judiciary has openly talked about it. It also becomes necessary to bring the change in culture and attitude of Lawyers who for their personal benefit misguide people to launch a PIL, as the lawyers must be well aware of the nature of litigation as to whether it could come under PIL. It is indeed a frivolous attempt to scandalise the court.

Nickhil Mani

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