Tuesday, June 22, 2021
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Aakashians create history again

Congratulations to Kalpana Kumar of Bihar and also to Rohan Purohit of Telangana for topping the NEET. Incidentally, a meagre two students only from West Bengal could qualify among top 50. This is an indication of the complete lack of desire to excel among students of Bengal. Neither the society nor the government administration encourages excellence. Mediocrity serves the purpose of powers that be. As it is the best among students have to migrate to other states/abroad for good education and employment. Thus, scoring 691 out of 720 by Kalpana Kumari is a great feat indeed. She got the first rank by the virtue of hard work but the dwindling success from Bengal saw that the students have other option and like Kerala, the people of Bengal are willing to go out and work rather than remain in a trouble stricken state. Aakash students achieved a great feet and congratulation to all, who have qualified in CBSE NEET – UG 2018.  Kudos to Kalpana Kumari for achieving the top rank.

Chitra Rugmini Krishnan

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