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Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Aamir’s show an eye-opener

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After the horrific 2012 brutal Delhi gangrape, similar tragedies continue to occur in our nation. The incident which led to a mass outrage shook the nation leading to many protests nation-wide to give justice to Nirbhaya compelled the creation of fast track courts and forced the formulation of more stringent rape laws and urged the judiciary to act fast. However, anytime similar incidents occur in any nook and corner of the country, when voices still go unheard and justice evade, we are reminded of the futility of raising our voice and feel helpless and crippled. Such issues were once again raised in Satyamev Jayate season 2, a show hosted by Aamir Khan, popular for giving an in depth knowledge and analysis on social issues.

On his show, Aamir highlighted the ordeal that rape victims have to through to register a complaint, while undergoing medical examination or seeking justice. Many parents of rape victims who had lost their daughter had made appearance on this show to narrate their tragedy. Through their voices and the voices of many others working for this cause, Aamir brought to light shocking facts. Since rape incidents are growing each passing day, it is very important to educate the masses in this regard, particularly, his voice should reach to the illiterate, rural population, especially when according to statistical data, rural areas are more prone to rape incidents than urban areas. Both secluded areas in villages and the ignorance of the rural population are factors responsible for increasing crime rates in these areas.

One such parent stated that after their daughter was raped, when the mother accompanied her daughter to the police station, the police reported to file an FIR after making them wait for an entire night. Many times police force are reluctant to register a complaint whereas as per rules, they are duty bound to file an FIR irrespective of whether the victim has undergone a medical examination or not. A victim can take action if the concerned policeman refuses to register her complaint by complaining to the SP or the magistrate. The policeman in question can be punished in jail upto two years for showing such insensitivity. Besides, the victim has full right to keep a copy of the FIR registered.

The two-finger test used in hospitals which have been declared illegal, is still practiced in many hospitals. It is a test whereby the doctors determine whether the victim is sexually active or not. In a shocking revelation in his show, Aamir through directing questions to other medical practitioners and social workers, disclosed how doctors use such victims to explain the process to their counterparts.

The others too try their hand on it and the victim is subjected to further humiliation and trauma and this too can be called as an act of rape. Moreover, they don’t keep this sensitive issue confidential and treat them as accused rather than as victims.

Besides, it was further disclosed on this show that almost more than 90% of these victims were clad in sarees or burquas resting our queries regarding whether wearing certain kinds of clothes triggered the lust of potential rapists or rather men in general leading to such an act. Besides, it was established that rape was an assertion of power over the female body rather than an act of lust.

So women in general should be made aware of the laws regarding rape and the lawmakers, the executive and the judiciary should act together to make this nation safe for women.

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