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AAP should play the role of constructive opposition

I heard Baba Ramdev speaking to a television anchor during which, he also advocated about controlling our human population which is growing enormously. I have been laying emphasis about this point for a long period of time and let us hope that some serious action is taken to address this issue. Prime Minister Narendra Modi must be aware about this but it is surprising that he has not been speaking about it. Everybody knows corruption is prevalent in Delhi but Modi has not taken any steps to control it. You cannot say that Modi is not serious and that is why he has suddenly inducted Kiran Bedi into the party to instill discipline and check corruption.

Kejriwal has tarnished his reputation to such an extent that people have become confused whether to believe him and offer him a second opportunity or not. According to me, AAP should play the role of a constructive opposition and allow BJP to take guard in Delhi as it will pave way for greater co-operation with the central government. If Kejriwal becomes Chief Minister once again he will indulge in theatrics and will also try to antagonize Modi but in the same breathe, it must be pointed out to him, that Sir! Why are you silent about eliminating corruption and curtailing rising population? Both these issues are important. Too much population puts strain on the resources. And now, we see that Shiv Sena also wants to contest 40 seats in Delhi. Is it in accordance with the ethos of Hinduism or good governance? Why can’t the party spend the same money in Vidharba to provide relief to farmers who are facing huge hardships due to crop failure and rising debt.

Kiran Bedi has been inducted into BJP because Amit Shah is afraid of loosing and wants to keep Modi out of the line of fire. I have pointed out about this in a write-up last week. Kiran Bedi possesses good administrative experience. If she works silently and sincerely then it will pave way for development of Delhi.

Amar Singh should also join BJP like other leaders. Everything said and done, the man is lively, courageous and articulate. He has learnt several lessons from life and will now have to perform good work. He might have vented his frustration by criticising Amitabh Bachchan. However, Amitabh must also conduct himself according to his age and refrain from issuing statements that he will like to romance the younger heroines. He can instead teach Hindi and English in schools which will benefit and encourage the children.

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