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Abu Azmi’s U-turn over rape remark

We should not penalize Farhan Azmi for the foolish statements made by his father Abu Azmi. This young man appears earnest and is saying that he, his wife and sisters disagrees with the comments issued by Abu Azmi on rape. Azmi has a habit of speaking very fast which visually gives an impression that he does not think before saying. He should go back to “Madrasa” and refresh his knowledge about Islam. Even his son seems to say that.

However, Abu Azmi is a “crank” and is not as dangerous as Azam Khan. Look at the manner in which he is remembering “ Bapu” and “ Maulana Azad” as if he knew them well. The children of Mulayam Singh are not as forthcoming in expressing regret as Farhan Azmi has been. We should not put him to any disadvantage on this count. Dimple Yadav has not spoken and neither Jaya Bachchan had issued any statements. Akhilesh had smiled and said “Zamana bada kharab hai”. “ Aap to itne young hain, aap ko zamane ka itna ilm kaise ho gaya”.

Mulayam Singh Yadav and Azam Khan must be banned from contesting elections. Azam Khan is dangerous and Mulayam Singh is his ardent supporter (for political reasons). Farhan Azmi has given an impression of being a good young man and an honest man. We should support him by expressing our goodwill. Abu Azmi later has issued a clarification that he never said that rape victims should be punished. He also added that the rapist should be punished and girl is a victim. Azmi said that only a mad person will issue such statements.

Why Narendra Modi should win, simply because there is lack of credible leaders in the party. After Modi wins and forms a creditable government (and not merely rehabilitating the old), he must take steps to instill discipline among the masses and especially among the senior officers who derive all benefits.

I had earlier suggested that we should make Rata Tata the Minister of Industry and seek his expertise. He has now been honoured by the British government. The old norm that only MPs will become ministers needs to have a relook. In certain ministries which require special insight, the experts from the relevant industry and business should be inducted to gain from their first hand knowledge. Some people say that Adani and Ambani have prospered on account of crony capitalism. Let them derive benefit but they should not take unfair advantage of it. The government must encourage other industrialists too by offering them incentives and tax breaks. When these industries start earning profits they must be asked to invest in the social sector. For example, Adani and Ambani must be asked to provide clean drinking water to citizens.

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