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Act against politicians delivering hate speeches

Opposition parties have demanded strict action to be taken against Union Minister Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti for making inflammatory speech during a public rally in Delhi. She later apologized in both the houses of Parliament. Prime Minister Narendra Modi strongly condemned the remarks made by Sadhvi. He appealed to the opposition to allow the House to function smoothly. Modi also added that Sadhvi is a first time member and comes from a rural background. Opposition nonetheless remained unsatisfied with Modi’s comments and staged a walkout. BJP also hit out at Congress, saying several of its leaders too have made objectionable remarks in the past.

Since the BJP government is in power at the centre it is more lucrative to become a staunch follower of Prime Minister Narendra Modi by spewing as much venom as possible. If you do good work in the field of science and technology, medicine etc; there is no possibility that you may ever become a minister.

Same is the case with yogi Adityanath and it needs to be verified, in which name he had taken oath. We ourselves are adding suffixes like “yogi” or “sadhvi” and everybody is accepting it. On the other hand, Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur has alleged that the Maharashtra police had made her listen to the objectionable pornographic recordings in the company of male undertrials. I do not believe that the statements made by her are true because pornography is all about viewing exaggerated actions instead of listening. Pornography is downright unnatural and youth are highly addicted towards it.

The government must try to drastically curb this menace by imposing heavy fines against offenders or even sending them to jail. Comparatively, prostitution is not that bad as women are quite careful in taking precautions and refusing untrustworthy customers. Our criminal justice system is woefully slow which is responsible for rising crimes in the society.

The government must bring some radical and swift changes in the system. During my childhood, I used to accompany my father who will give judgement on the case among village folk by simply saying, “ Agar sacch bol rahe ho to gangajal utha lo” or “apne bacche ko godi me lekar bolo” . Later, the person used to immediately break down and confess his crime. Leaders will even blackmail senior ministers and party president and threaten them by saying, “If you don’t make me a minister, I will harm your children by performing black magic.”

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