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Aden a magnificent seaport city

We have visited the port of Aden several times which has good market place and restaurants along the water front where you could sit in the evenings and enjoy drinks and excellent food. The city used to remain peaceful and we returned to the ship around midnight with no danger of terrorism or mugging etc. Beautiful girls too visit the place as one can easily strike up a conversation with them. As we head towards the Red sea, there is a port named Hodaidah. Several container ships are anchored there. You can taste some good “sherbets” near the jetty stalls. Now, sadly we read about its president having left for Saudi Arabia on account of some disputes.

Islamic states are presently undergoing too much turmoil which has become a huge cause of concern. They can surely enjoy better lives and enhance trade and commerce. I always purchase excellent quality biscuits and pure saffron from Iran which is a developing nation. This nation could have achieved more progress but we do not know what they really want, a bomb, and if so, for what purpose? Iranian women are very beautiful and healthy with glowing complexion; they are very capable too but unfortunately not making good use of their potential which is really disappointing. I always took a long walk on the jetty at Bandar Imam Khomeini. Good canteen and duty free shops are located in between.

Maryam Siddiqui a 12-year old Muslim girl has won the Gita Champions League contest for explaining the teachings of the scripture in the best possible manner which is praiseworthy. Maryam said that she has always been intensely curious about religions. Now, compare this with Union Minister Giriraj Singh who is preoccupied with colour of women’s skin instead of doing sincere work in the ministry. Union Education Minister Smriti Irani is more careful about who is watching her. It is true that her privacy must be respected and there should be no deliberate recording with malafide intentions. She is really smart and knows how to remain in the news. I like her but Giriraj Singh totally lacks “class”. When I last sailed through the Gulf of Aden, I noticed that piracy had reduced there. We were accompanied by armed guards. When we first sailed through this area, the maximum sea temperature; used to be 30 degree Celsius but now it remains 33 degree. But what a homely port Aden used to be.

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