Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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Afternoon Voice has gained immense popularity

I am happy to know that your newspaper has completed eight successful years of publication and entering its 9th year. It seems just like yesterday that you started the newspaper and today it has completed so many years of successful publication. Your main aim, Vaidehi, a few years back, was to make Afternoon Voice a popular No. 1 newspaper and today it has gained immense popularity in Mumbai and its suburbs. It is indeed a matter of great joy and success that this newspaper sells like hot cakes even in the remote areas of Mumbai. Congratulations to you and your entire editorial team for making this newspaper a grand success and may it reach greater heights in the years to come.

Letter writers and freelance journalists too are encouraged to write topics of their choice which are never edited but published as the writers write it. May the 9th year of its publication be as prosperous and glamorous as the previous years. The one thing I like about ‘Afternoon Voice’ is that it has given a place to new writers, which is a very good thing unlike other newspapers in India.

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