Thursday, September 23, 2021
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All hype no substance

Kiran Bedi was seated in the VVIP enclosure in the front row during the Republic Day celebrations. It was a gross misuse of power and the Election Commission of India must look into the matter. All India Congress Committee (AICC) general secretary Ajay Maken is conducting himself in a sober manner. He holds a union cabinet rank and also possesses experience and according to me people should support him. Last time Congress lost badly due to the arrogance of former Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dixit who should have anticipated anti incumbency and kept herself away from contesting election. Congress has suffered several defeats recently therefore they will put their head down and work for improving their image.

Residents of Delhi should take this opportunity to vote for a stable government in the state. They should not vote for Arvind Kejriwal? He cannot be fully trusted to shed dramatics and work sincerely. Citizens should also refrain from voting for BJP as it will lead to concentration of power in one hands, which doesn’t augur well for democracy. The BJP can do good work for Delhi without winning the assembly election as they are in power at the center.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi told that he was touched when the kid drank the milk offered to him. This happens with everybody, everyday (offer them a Coke or Pepsi and they “guttak” instantly and then get scolded by mummy). Modi is trying to garner publicity to the core. He must realize that sitting in office for long hours itself does not constitute work, visibility of work on the ground is essential. You have blown your own trumphet during the last one year while campaigning for Lok Sabha election but now please concentrate on work. Your studied silence on the irresponsible statements issued by BJP leaders and associates shows your complicity.

Let us be sensitive and not mention the name of another lady loosely ( without any proof). However, it cannot be denied that Modi’s wife Jashodaben too deserves respect. It is necessary that we support and encourage our girls to perform well in all fields of life especially in medicine, health care and teaching. Women perform all the domestic work amicably while youth waste their time and even consume harmful narcotic drugs. The government merely gives lip service by saying that they will impose a ban on drugs but they fail to act. Strict legislations are needed to ban drugs.

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