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Amit Shah: Modi’s Man Friday

Amit Shah is a capable and dedicated leader who always gives apt answers during interviews. He has acted like Hanuman for Narendra Modi. He was responsible for BJP’s massive turnaround in UP. Mr Shah must work closely with Modi in the PMO because several lobbyists and agents exist in Delhi whose intention is to derive quick riches by unfair methods. Modi has performed a laudable job by asking the secretaries to give him presentation about the work planned by them. Hitherto, the secretaries were just relaxing and craving for lucrative foreign postings and passing the buck to joint secretaries who revealed in being called “ the minister’s man”. “Pehle mantriji ko de aao, phir ham lenge”. The PA’s and joint secretaries only had to perform this work.

In our DG Shipping, we have a senior officer who loves suffixes like ex-officio. The government needs to send a strong message to these IAS officers that only good performance will count and nothing else. Providing drinking water, water for irrigation ( one drop , more crop), providing electric power and curtailing it’s theft are the main jobs requiring attention from day one. What tasks can be done, what cannot be done by us, what is required to be studied and assistance from foreign experts should be sought without delay.

The newly appointed IAS officers must first work in villages by seeking a posting in rural areas. Large number of sprawling bungalows exists in Delhi. Accommodation must be allotted only to deserving candidates and others must be strictly asked to vacate the premises. It is good to see that AAP is disintegrating and slowly becoming redundant and television channels should not provide fresh lease of life to them by offering them unwarranted publicity. The country has already suffered a lot because of them. The new government must monitor the content aired on television channels. A very good self regulatory mechanism is the need of the hour.

The RSS must undertake the work of citizen development. There is no point in building Ram temple if you cannot or do not want to read “ Ramcharit manas” or recite the “Sunderkand”. For example. “Swasthya shareer” and “Shreshta acharan” are more important instead of constructing a temple and amassing kilos of gold in it. RSS must undertake this work and provide periodical reports to the government.

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