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Amit Shah’s absurd statements

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In a meeting held in Haryana BJP President Amit Shah asked the crowd to push the Lotus button on the electronic voting machines so hard that its current if felt in Italy. Some people may actually follow his instructions and end up damaging the EVMs. We really do not understand what he really meant by issuing such foolish statements. If you press the Lotus button hard, will Congress President Sonia Gandhi be ejected out to Italy? How do you connect the button of a harmless machine to Italy? And mind you, these statements are made by none other than BJP’s national president. Shah also took a dig at former Prime Minister Manmohan and said that he only used to speak after receiving directions from Sonia Gandhi. He also urged the people to reject the forces which try to woo the electorate on caste and regional basis.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has built an amicable atmosphere in the USA which will improve bilateral ties between both the nations. However, Modi and his team must work on the ground to facilitate arrival of foreign investment in India by simplifying rules. He should also keep a check at the ministry levels to see that officers do not try to gain benefits for themselves in exchange for favours extended. There is also the danger that the unfriendly state governments may not listen to the Central government and try to negotiate ab-initio all by themselves. They may say, “Modi kaun hai, aap humse deal karo”.

Labour unions may say, “Gore log aa gaye hai. Ab inse paisa kheench lo. They will think that in this manner they will make more money instead of working. Appoint my son or daughter in your American company before I clear your file. These are the hazards. Several well entrenched middlemen exist in Delhi who will have their pound of flesh even by aligning with the local BJP leaders.

There is a feeling growing in people that Modi is enjoying himself and will not harm us so let us relax. A small example of this is the CPWD garden where we go for walk is not being cleaned which was not the case four months back. This because the concerned department feels that Modi will not visit there as he is busy with the US visit. The government needs to get strict with various ministries if the declared efforts of Modi are to succeed.

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