Friday, July 30, 2021
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Animals are God’s gift, treat them with care!

Animals are human being’s best friends; be it dogs, cats or cows. But do we humans care enough for our speechless species who are a treasure from the Almighty as most animals in our rich city often lead a life of apathy. Cow which gives us milk is ill-fed and often we find her near dustbins eating the garbage to satisfy her hunger. The plastics too which we dispose off get consumed by them which could be life threatening. Dogs often take shelter during extreme heat beneath vehicles and often gets crushed to death (maybe unknowingly) when we move our vehicles without bothering to check animals taking shelter below our cars.
We need to take care of animals that are God’s gift to mankind. Plastics should be properly disposed off so that they don’t prove harmful to anybody be it animals or environment. Water can be stored in open bins so that birds can satisfy their thirst during hot days. Move animals taking shelter below cars before you move your vehicle. Animals too get sick and they too need to be taken to animal hospital or doctors when are ill.

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