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Ankit Murder: No Crocodile Tears of Secular Brigade

Anikt Saxena was murdered on the evening of February 1 in Raghuvir Nagar locality of Delhi. It was a dastardly, cowardice and heart rendering act of crime. He was killed like a goat is butchered on the street just because he dared to love a 20 year young Muslim girl. Anikit Saxena, a professional photographer had to lose his life because of love.

The girl had just come out to meet Ankit when the father, uncle and brothers of the girl caught hold of Ankit just outside his house and killed him. As expected, the so called ‘secular brigade’ of the country failed to react on the gruesome murder of a young professional photographer. They are silent, jubilant and busy raising toast.

What has happened to this country where we say “Majhab nahin sikhata apas mein bair karna. Hindi hain, hum watan hain Hindustan hamara” (Religion does not teach us to hate. We are Hindi, fellow nationalist; Hindustan is ours)”. The question is who has vitiated the atmosphere? Who has abetted communal forces?

Ankit was the only bread earner of the family. The Congress President Rahul Gandhi did not bother to visit the family member of Ankit to offer condolences. Why Rahul would visit the family of Ankit! Men like Ankit are being killed daily. This will not hurt ‘secularism’. Beside the point these secular leaders have other works to do. Kejriwal has to give sermons to children on FM Radio. Rahul Gandhi is worried about the popularity of Narendra Modi.

Before Ankit it was Dr. Narang. Remember this is the same Kejriwal who did not find time to visit the family of Dr Pankaj Narang, who was murdered by Bangladeshi refugees in the Janakur area of Delhi in September 2016. It was a case of road rage that took the life of Dr Narang. This is the same secular forces that shot Chandan Gupta dead for taking out “Tiranga Yatra” in Kasganj of Uttar Pradesh. People have now realised the real character of the so called secular forces. If the secular forces condemn the killing of Ankit Saxena, the dark clouds would start gather over the nation on the issue of secularism. There is no meeting in the Press Club of India nor is there a candle march for Ankit.

Murder is Murder

Those who described the murder of Dr Pankaj Narang as a different case than the murder of Mohammad Akhlaq over beef are mum on Ankit’s killing. Of course, the murder of Akhlaq was also a heinous crime that deserved universal condemnation.

The so called secular brigade went in hordes to Akhlaq’s house to offer condolences to the bereaved family and to condemn the BJP. Right from Rahul Gandhi to Arvind Kejriwal, to Brinda Karat and Assaudin Owaisi queued up to Akhlaq’s house. Why these so called secular forces would visit Ankit’s family?  Why Ankit only, these so called secular brigade is also silent on series of murder of BJP and RSS workers in Kerala and West Bengal.

Love is Crime

Has it become a crime in this country for two adults to fall in love? Will a Hindu boy be killed because he is in love with a Muslim girl? I know many Muslims including film actor Amir Khan who married Hindu girls, have children and are leading a happy life. Nobody killed them for marrying Hindu girls.

Ankit was a promising young man who was preparing for UPSC examination as he wanted to become an IPS officer. But his dream remained unfulfilled because of his love for a Muslim girl.

Society is not Civilised

We should condemn this highly insensitive society and the monsters who live in this society. If the murders were so concerned about their girl falling in love with a Hindu boy, why they came to India from Bangladesh. They should have stayed there.

Also, no writer considered it fit to return award over murder of Ankit. In fact the ‘award wapasi brigade’ takes step only after seeing the religion and faith of the victims. If victims are Hindu no need to condemn the murder. By their act they assault humanity. You may describe these elements as demons in the garb of humans. This is being done as politics of vote bank. Whether you are Indians, Pakistanis or Bangladeshis, if you have a voter ID card you are part of the vote bank for some. This must end for the sake of democracy and freedom of an individual as enshrined in the Indian Constitution. The Supreme Court of India has observed that nobody can stop an adult boy and an adult girl from marrying irrespective of their religion or caste.

(The writer is a Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha)


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