Friday, July 30, 2021
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Appropriate Consent!

In Madhya Pradesh consent has been given for hanging to criminals convicted for raping girls below 12 years of age. The victims’ demand is that the sentence should be carried out as soon as possible without any delay and this demand is appropriate, and should be given due consideration by the government. This speedy trial of conviction and implementation of the sentence will be helpful in reducing the incidents of atrocities against young girls. This will give emphasis to the government’s desire to protect the girl child and act as a deterrent to the anti-social elements and create a secure atmosphere to the girl child. The girls of this country are waiting for such a strict law against all those who behave in a disrespectful and molesting manner with them. All the other states should follow Madhya Pradesh’s example and pro-actively think about fulfilling their wishes. The law has to be changed to teaching the rapists a lesson. This is reiterated by each and every lady and girl child. Now the law should go the final step and take the punishment every bit as serious as hanging unto death for the rapist.

Arpita Pathak

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