Thursday, July 29, 2021
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Arrogance of the disputed organisations

‘The popular Front of India’ has put up posters in Uttar Pradesh, Goa about building the Babari Masjid. Organisations that add fuel to disputed issues and increase tensions are dangerous for the nation. The activities of these organisations are dangerous for the country. Then how is this organisation free? Immediate action should be taken on the organisation when the security agencies give an adverse report on them. Only then will the security agencies work and effort prove successful and creditable and society saved from them. If this organisation is not stopped and it is uprooted from the nation it will continue to instigate people and keep disputed issues like the Babri Masjid burning and alive. This poster shows that it is trying to keep the pot boiling all over the country and create tension in society. The atmosphere about this issue is so sensitive that though the posters have been put up in UP and Goa, tension can be created anywhere in the country. It is necessary for the state machinery and police to be on the alert. The anti-social elements have increased its affectability because of the increase in centres of religious and caste polarisation in UP. This is the ill-effect of the vote-bank politics. This has encouraged these disputed organisations and increased their arrogance.

Manasi Joshi

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