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Astrology is a science

There was much hue and cry over Union Human Resource Development Minister Smriti Irani consulting an astrologer in Bhilwara in Rajasthan. The astrologer’s earlier prediction concerning Smriti had come true. Probably this was the reason why Smriti’s faith remained intact and she paid him a personal visit again. Several opposition leaders had slammed Smriti for believing in astrology even though she is the country’s education minister. Meanwhile, Irani herself clarified that she had only gone to meet the Jyotish, not get her future read, as she doesn’t even have a ‘janam patri’. The HRD minister also was miffed with media for intruding into her personal life. She said that whatever she does in her personal life is not a matter of public concern. Smriti also added that she was being targeted by the media for garnering TRPs.

This astrologer was a favourite of Former President Pratibha Patil and MP Amar Singh. One might call this superstition but astrologers are frequented by all, be it the well-established corporates, celebrities or politicians. So what is the fault of the common man when they visit astrologers to determine their destiny?

Hailing from a family which believes in predictions of astrologers and acting accordingly, I am accused of sharing this belief too. Right from which job is suited for me to which is the right time to look for a guy for marriage, nothing is done without consulting an astrologer in my case. Yes, nowadays all families have their ‘family astrologer’ just like their family doctor. For entrepreneurs, it is very important to take the guidance of an astrologer before jumping into a new venture. Similarly, if they incur any loss in business, they are often suggested some stone to take them uphill. It is a matter of individual faiths and beliefs.

There is nothing right or wrong about it. It is all a matter of individual faith. History bears testimony of the fact that soothsayers were present and much revered since early ages. All important decisions were taken by kings after consulting the priests. It is not just Indians who are or were guilty of such crimes. In Greek mythology, the mother of Achilles possessed powers to predict the future. Before his doom, she had warned him of the same foreseeing what was to befall him before he began his journey for Troy. Hence, fortune telling proves to be true at times. This clearly hints at the fact that it is a science just like all other sciences. If wisely used, one can gain benefits out of it.

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