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Avoid waterlogged roads, prevent Leptospirosis

Due to heavy rains waterlogging has been witnessed in several parts of the city. Often people walk on streets flooded with water and there is a possibility of citizens getting infected with leptospirosis. The disease is caused when people come in contact with rats’ urine and faecal matter that get mixed with accumulated water. Different kinds of animals carry this bacterium, but the most common ones being cattle, pigs, dogs, horses, sheep, rats and mice.

Already leptospirosis has claimed five lives in the city till August. Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has already issued a health advisory to citizens mentioning that they are prone to develop leptospirosis. People below the age of 35 years have been affected the most by leptospirosis. The civic body nonetheless claims that this year only five deaths have been recorded as compared to 16 last year. Leptospirosis is more likely to spread in slum areas where often waste is not segregated properly and people follow poor hygiene standards. According to health experts those people suffering from fever, vomiting, abdominal pain and breathlessness should avoid self-medication and consult doctors.

Dr. Avinash Supe, Dean, KEM Hospital said, “We have issued a circular in this regard and launched an android app. We have categorised people falling into three categories viz low, moderate and high risk. Less number of people might have walked through water logged streets for more than 30 minutes. For such people we prescribe one dose of 200 ml. For women and children we offer separate treatment. We have interviewed 70 lakhs people and distributed three lakh medicines. Since last 15 days we have only witnessed 34 cases. If somebody is diagnosed with fever then they should visit doctor and take medicines. They should not go for self-medication. Blood transfusion should be given to the needy persons. We have started blood camps in various parts of the city.”

Manoj Kotak, BJP group leader said, “People should take medicines if they get infected with leptospirosis. If people have walked through flooded waters then they should take precautions. They have to maintain hygiene. The civic body is responsible and they should take responsibility and set up medical camps. Shiv Sena president had announced about setting up of medical camp but it is yet to be set up.”

Raiz Shaikh, SP leader said, “BMC has failed to discharge its duties amicably hence Mumbai has witnessed flooding. Mumbai was flooded on August 29th and now again heavy rains have lashed the city.


Jaya Tiwana, BJP corporator said, “During monsoon people get infected with leptospirosis when they walk through streets accumulated with water. When they visit hospital then they have to bear the cost of treatment which is expensive.”

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