Baba Ramdev must choose his words carefully

Spiritual leader Baba Ramdev has been talking too much recently and that is why he gets into territory where angels fear to tread. It is unbecoming of him to talk about Rahul Gandhi’s marriage prospects. He should refrain from making such personal insinuations. Atrocities were committed against the weaker sections largely in village societies during and after the abolition of “Zamindari” system, an example which is visible in the film Mother India. However, situation has improved a lot nowadays and girls from villages are smartly riding cycles and going to town for work and returning safely.

Primary education has improved significantly and awareness has also increased on account of radio and television. Village women have now become more proficient, organized and economically productive. They are displaying more self respect. Thanks to Rahul Gandhi, women from Amethi and nearby areas are more enlightened and have acquired a strong voice. Well wishers of Baba Ramdev must ask him to speak less and mind his language.
This is what an excessive TV coverage does to a good man.

I am reading reports that Shia Muslims in Varanasi are thinking of supporting Kejriwal. What will happen even if Kejriwal wins? Will he become a prime minister? Muslims are far better as a result of engaging in artisanship whereas Kejriwal is yet to work in any constituency. Therefore, it is better if Muslims achieve prosperity by performing constructive work. India provides an equal opportunity for them to rise, if they intend to.

Another report says that Muslims feel that its Lalu who can stop Modi and not Nitish. Why they don’t field a candidate themselves and say, here is my man / woman whom we consider better and he/she will stop Modi ( with the help of the like minded). That would have made at least some sense. Muslims are needlessly playing victims when that is not the case. Why do they forget that Dr Zakir Hussain, Fakhruddin saheb, Kalam saheb had become our Presidents and our present Vice President is a Muslim.

Forty years back manual scavenging was practiced even in metropolitan cities but now things have improved drastically and improving every passing day. The only bad thing that is happening is that all provisions of reservations are being cornered by the creamy layer among Dalits. Women from weaker sections are doing an excellent job on agricultural fields and construction sites by performing lot of hard work with dignity which must be appreciated. I hope Baba Ramdev already appreciates all these development. He must choose his words carefully and exercise some restraint while speaking in public. It is necessary to control the growth of population but none of the political parties are bothered about it.