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Ban on sale of loose cigarettes a right step

The government has accepted a proposal to ban the sale of loose cigarettes and increase the minimum age from 18 to 21 for the sale of tobacco products. Such type of initiative will deter children from taking up smoking. Earlier the government had issued directives to ban smoking in public places.

RSS will say, “Ek cigarette peena gareebi darshata hai, poora packet kharidna hamari Sanskratik mahanata ka dyotak hai”. When we were young, artists with improvised long legs used to lure the youth by dispensing cigarettes free. If I remember correctly, the brand used to be “Passing show”. We used to follow them for some distance for having fun.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in favour of privatization of railway stations where hotels and restaurants will be constructed. How good. I will then head towards the station not for catching a punctually running train but to stay in the hotel and have food. Modi will ask me to proceed and say, “I will transfer the money in “ Jan dhan yojana” account. This scheme should be transformed in to Shram Dhan Yojana”. You will receive training to boost your employable skills and you will manufacture export quality goods. I will disburse the incentive into your Shram Dhan Yojana.”

Let us not waste time in such foolish pursuits. Development of the citizens, their health, their “ karya kshamata” and providing them suitable employment must be the priorities of the government. For achieving this, we will need to work silently with dedication and refrain from wearing a fancy jacket with a flower and speaking endlessly. Germans talk less and work more. Youth who want to learn this language should be allowed to do so.

Few years back, Samajwadi Party leader Mulayam Singh used to lay emphasis on the usage of Hindi language but he had sent his Akhilesh Yadav to Australia for pursuing his studies. Friends, we have no time to waste and get our attention diverted by selfish and power seeking politicians. Academicians, the Editors, members of the civil society, college principals should set the right path for our students to follow. Students are intelligent and they are capable of taking right decisions. They will also seek parental guidance. These days the situation has become such that the Supreme Court needs to intervene in all matters. It’s an alarming situation and we must strive to correct it.

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