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Bar girls too deserve a right to livelihood

We are needlessly suppressing and oppressing the beer bars and the women who are employed there. All bars and bar girls are not bad, infact, many of them are quite sensible and sensitive. You can really have some good conversation with them. In a country like ours which has warm climate we need to consume large amount of beer available at much cheaper rates. There is no harm in allowing women to service patrons. I had read report which mentioned that two policemen be posted in the bars. What work will they do?
Law enforcement has to be very swift and severe. Strict action must be taken against offenders responsible for indulging in prostitution activities.

Home Minister R.R. Patil has not taken any steps to improve policing and police welfare. There is lack of coordination between the police and people. The bar girls and bar managers should themselves enforce discipline. Police should ensure that illegal migrants don’t find a way into these bars. Few days back there were reports pertaining to Law College students being arrested for holding obscene party at a bungalow in Lonavala. That is bad. If you want to unwind and enjoy, go to a beach, drink, play beach volleyball, swim, drink beer and play some musical instruments instead of indulging in illegal activities. If you visit foreign countries like South Africa, America, Europe etc; you will notice people taking out their yachts and venturing into the open water. They have fun on weekends. Our country too should follow this practice for promoting health and hone people’s sailing skills.

We don’t want to have consensual sex, we want to rape. I appreciate the honesty and swiftness with which Farhan Azmi and Ayesha Takia have come out openly to disapprove the statements issued by Abu Azmi. You should exercise some restraint and not impose a ban on beer consumption. A person should not be served more than three bottles of beer instead of banning it completely. During my younger days, I used to occasionally visit a bar at Navjeevan and indulge in good conversation while drinking few pegs. I also used to frequent another bar below the Cotton Green railway bridge for listening to some good live music (old film songs). No law and order problem used to occur as the bar used to follow self-regulation. Many of these bar girls deserve our love and respect. I remember offering beer to a girl who used to politely decline by saying “Main doodh peeti hoon”. I used to offer either Rs 20,Rs 50 or a maximum of 100 rupees as a parting tip. Why make so much fuss over it as women too deserve a right to earn their livelihood. Offenders must be punished and not the good hearted.

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