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Beauty Rituals for a Sexy Back

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My-Beauty-Research-1With backless cholis and low-back dresses ruling the current fashion scene, a flawless back is just as trendy as the outfits revealing it. But let’s face it; a flawless back is something not many of us are blessed with. Thankfully, with a little effort, achieving a toned and sexy back is very much possible. If you are simply fascinated by the idea of wearing a sexy choli to your friend’s wedding, then we suggest you to get cracking now. Follow these beauty rituals to flaunt a gorgeous back and trendy backless outfits with confidence.

Go for skin treatments: Acne, blackheads and dark spots are not just limited to your face. Even your back is prone to these skin problems due to the secretion of sebum oil. However, most of these can be treated with the help of microdermabrasion, which is nothing but a skin exfoliating treatment. Having said that, make sure that you consult a dermatologist before you go ahead with such skin treatments.

Have a spa-cial time: You don’t need an excuse to pamper yourself, do you? Your beauty ritual for a flawless back is almost incomplete without a visit to the spa. However, when we say pampering we don’t just mean your face, hands and legs. Go for a back-enhancing facial as well if you fancy those dresses with cross back straps and backless cholis.

Trust a back polish: Flaunting a sexy back is a huge trend these days. So how about showing some TLC to your back by indulging in a hydrating back polish? A back polishing service once in a while is therefore a good investment. Treat your back with the goodness of nourishing oils such as almond and olive oil and see your skin glow.

Follow home remedies: If you don’t have the time and energy to visit a spa or a salon every month, then we suggest you try some home remedies for that sexy back. Massage your back with fresh aloe vera gel or a paste made out of oatmeal and honey at least once a week. These natural ingredients work as excellent exfoliators and leave your skin feeling smooth and supple.

Dab some make up: Yes, that’s why we think make up is the most wonderful gift to womankind! If you want to wear that gorgeous backless dress to the next party, all you have to do is dab a body foundation following a compact powder to give your back that smooth creamy look. But make sure to use a water-free foundation ‘coz you wouldn’t want to stain your clothes.

Stick to routine skincare: By now you will know that stepping out of the house without moisturising your skin is a complete no-no. And if you are one of those who neglects the back, then you are far away from achieving the desired results. Include your back while moisturising your body after a bath, and also get it waxed once in a while to avoid any skin breakouts. Also, make sure to massage your back with a mixture of lemon and glycerin right after the procedure to sooth your skin.

Weight training is the key: Last but not the least, if you have not paid too much attention to your back while you spent endless hours on the treadmill; it’s not too late for you to start working out for a well-sculpted back. But cardio is not the key to achieve a ‘wow’ back; work on shaping, toning and sculpting your back by introducing weight training at least two to three times a week in your workout regimen.

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