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Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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How to keep your manicure intact for long

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manicureA manicure can make you feel like a million bucks, until you notice that your fresh nail polish is starting to chip. You can pamper your hands with these five manicure treatments. Your manicure cannot last forever, but these tips can sure help the nail polish stay longer. Also, follow these manicure-pedicure dos and dont’s.

  1. Long nails are more prone to breaking or chipping, so keep your nails short.
  2. Don’t apply nail polish over cuticles as they tend to peel off easily. Before applying the nail polish, apply a drop of oil to your cuticles and then push it back with a tool.
  3. Don’t use nail polish on top of any lotion or oil left on the surface of the nail. The cream will prevent the polish from sticking to the nail, and so it peels off in a day or two. So make sure to clean your nails with a cotton ball before you apply the colour.
  4. Apply a base coat as this will make the polish last longer.
  5. Don’t hurry to put the second coat immediately after the first. Allow the polish to dry between two coats.
  6. When you use nail polish, sweep it a bit under the tip of your nail and the edge. This will make sure that your nails don’t chip easily.
  7. The tip of your nails is more prone to chipping, so apply two layers of base coat on it for extra resilience.
  8. Don’t use old nail polish. Old polish changes its consistency and becomes thick, which means that the old finish won’t have the staying power of the newer one.
  9. Avoid running your hands in water for too long as it can cause the polish to lift off your nails.
  10. The best thing you can do to ensure that your manicure lasts is to apply a top coat daily.

Hope these tips can help you keep your manicure intact for a longer period for you to flourish your beautiful hands.

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