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Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Ben Kingsley to lead screen adaptation of Neil Gaiman ‘Violent Cases’

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Ben Kingsley Violent Cases
Image: Reuters

Hollywood star Ben Kingsley is all set to star in the screen adaptation of ‘Violent Cases’, the first-ever graphic novel from Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean.

According to Variety, the creative team behind ‘The Girl with All the Gifts,’ including writer Mike Carey, director Colm McCarthy, and producer Camille Gatin, will lead the project. Scary Monster, Lakeville Productions, and Foton. Pictures will also produce the film. Additionally, Carey contributed to “Lucifer” and other works in the Gaiman-created Sandman universe.

“’Violent Cases’ is a journey into the mind of Neil Gaiman, as a famous author recounts fragmented childhood memories and visits to an osteopath who once worked for Al Capone, weaving a dark and twisting tale about stories, our memory, violence and the ways we can’t escape our past,” reads the logline.

“I’m delighted to be working with this fantastic team on ‘Violent Cases,’ which for me is about the power and importance of storytelling, about how we negotiate the shadows cast by the father figures in our lives and above all about the right of our inner child to be heard,” said Kingsley.

McCarthy said, “Violent Cases’ is a wild, hallucinatory, yet thought-provoking and emotional comic. It’s so exciting to build a film from this incredible, genre-defining work.”

Carey added, “As an aspiring writer back in the late 80s reading ‘Violent Case’s was a revelation and a joy for me. Its darkness and playfulness defined a new approach to storytelling. Thirty-five years on, it’s still unique, and bringing it across into a new medium feels like discovering it again for the first time. Neil Gaiman redefined serialised comics with ‘The Sandman,’ but ‘Violent Cases’ was his and Dave McKean’s early masterpiece. It’s thrilling to be introducing it to a new audience, and taking its visual lyricism into a new medium.”

The osteopath will be played by Kingsley. Producing credits go to Carlos Enrique Cusco and Ari Taboada for Foton. Pictures, Camille Gatin and Colm McCarthy for Scary Monster, and Edmund Kingsley for Lakeville Productions.

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