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Benefits of Ayurveda

The alternative therapies like the Ayurveda, Unani medicine and homeopathy are helpful. Besides allopathic medicines, we should familiarize ourselves with these medicines which are beneficial for our own health. Consuming two tablets of Triphala in tablet form (powder irritates the throat at times), with lukewarm water after dinner is very helpful. The important characteristic about Ayurvedic medicines is that it should be pure sans any adulteration. Therefore medicines should be purchased after consulting doctors and one should buy reputed brands otherwise it may cause harm to kidneys.

Many times people overdose on medications. For instance, they consume “Shilajeet” in large numbers for gaining enhanced sexual potency. People must consume Ayurvedic medicines after consulting a registered practitioner. Same is the case with Unani. “ Habbe asab” is a good medicine but must be consumed only if it is really needed after consulting a Unani practitioner. Homeopathy is very effective in many cases but off the shelf use will prove counterproductive unless you possess knowledge or by consulting a medical practitioner. One can also inquire with a person who has consumed the medicine earlier. Potency is vital therefore it is better to consult a homeopathic doctor and take medicines.

I have been pleading for the sale of these medicines at sea ports ( at least in major ports) for the benefit of seafarers, Indian and foreign origin. These days port stays are very short and many times you cannot avail shore leave due to work involved. The ports can make new outlets or use the facility of the existing duty free shops. The boarding officer of the shipping agent can provide information of such a facility when he visits ship on arrival.

This step will help the seafarers and also popularize the alternative Indian medicines. On my own volition, I have requested Nitin Gadkari and also the DG Shipping to kindly facilitate this because I have seen people getting cured after having them. One Phillipino engineer was very good but he used to cough a lot. I asked him to have “Chyavanprash” as he gradually stopped coughing. On the other hand, the bosun asked me to bring “Shilajeet” (he did not know its name but was communicating through gestures). I brought it for him and asked him to consume it with milk for two weeks. Seamen are very happy and truthful guys.

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