Friday, June 18, 2021
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Best wishes for Modi’s cabinet

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has finally formed a cabinet which has started functioning. Our good wishes are with the cabinet for delivering the agenda of the government. The government must speed up the decision making process but it should not get into any pressure to deliver. Pressing the nuclear button against our neighbour is very easy but its consequences are terrible. The need of the hour is to note down priorities and find ways to accomplish them.

The top priority is to take steps for controlling human population. Providing clean drinking water to the citizens will be the next step. This task should be followed by electric power generation (various methods should be considered including solar and wind power) and its distribution by acquiring the latest technology. The job of HRD ministry is to select capable youth and provide them top class technical skill training with the assistance of foreign experts. The youth may not be willing to learn new skills and might opt for MBA degree and land up a lucrative job with a yearly package of 24 crores. We need to inform them that they have been found eligible for undergoing training. If they fail to join immediately then other candidates will be selected instead of them.

We notice that the IAS personnel head to foreign universities for acquiring post graduate qualification in political science which has no utility. Modi and Amit Shah do not possess such a degree but they have proved to be good practical political administrators.

The word politics is to be replaced with “desh seva”. Politics has been considered by many as a dirty word which is not worthy of learning and pursuing. Food processing work has to be undertaken on a priority basis.

We must work for the welfare of farmers and work towards increasing the yield per acre and what support we can offer them in addition to steps which are already being taken with reasonable success. We have good agricultural universities; we only need to make them more accessible to farmers. The new government must set up an “Amul” plant on the outskirts of Varanasi. Horticultural ventures should be set up alongside with industrial units on the Lucknow-Unnao-Kanpur road ( as an example) on the lines of road from Alexzandria to Cairo. Let us seek the assistance of Israel in developing our “ banjar” land.

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