Saturday, June 19, 2021
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Better late than never

The delay in enforcing plastic ban is not an encouraging sign. However, it’s better late than never in introducing the ban. It is an effective way of preventing drainage clogging during monsoon season.  Mumbai suffer because of plastic menace and the flooding on busy roads causing traffic jams due to clogging of drainage during monsoon season. Better sense should prevail as stagnant water is health hazard during the wet period. It is appreciable that all types of plastic bags, irrespective of their thickness, is banned and it is a great news. Again, single use of plastic items, including disposable plates, food containers, cutlery, etc which form the main thing in clogging the drainage system in the metro received a ban order.  Further, water bottles of less than 500 ml also received the ban as they are thrown as and where people like and that causes the main hindrance. It is also notable that the government has given one month notice and further extension need not be given as this is a very sensitive issue. Now it is left to eateries to dispose-off the banned plastic items once for all and look for an alternative.  In the wake of plastic ban, the eateries may charge more on food packets packed through modern method during their door to door services and may cost the consumer more. Anyway, it is better late than never and the Mumbaikars will realise the importance in a sensible way and act accordingly.


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