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Beware! hackers stealing your details through facebook

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Jennifer Medhora’s facebook and gmail account hacked by a person disguising herself as her friend.


Beware! Technology may have made our lives easier but there has been a sharp rise in the number of cybercrimes registered in the city. Since last two years around 1,516 cyber offences were registered in the city. Several cybercrimes go unreported as people don’t file complaint with the police. Jennifer Medhora has become the latest victim to fall prey to cybercrime. Few days back, Jennifer received a message from a person disguising herself as Sanober Porus Patel who is her friend in facebook. Jennifer parted with her gmail id and mobile number. She also committed a mistake of forwarding the code received by her to the accused.

Chat1Jennifer said, “Yesterday afternoon a friend of mine Urzan Icchaporia had messaged me on whatsApp stating that I am asking his mobile no and gmail account details over Facebook. I didn’t receive any facebook notifications on that day. I smelt something fishy and tried to login to my account. However I was unable to log in as the accused had changed my login id and password. While attempting to change my password or login details I used to receive the message ‘Will send your code over to h**********’ but the email id does not belong to me. I finally realised that my account was hacked.”

“The accused continues to remain active on my account and has been trying to use the same tactics to cheat other people,” she added.
Chat4Unfortunately many have fallen victim to this person. Jeniffer’s friend Fariz Khergamwalla said, “I and my wife Nainaz Khergamwalla had started getting obscene messages on phone. Therefore I went ahead and filed a complaint with the police.”

Jennifer’s neighbour Mrs. Nilufer Icchaporia also had become victim of cyber crime. She said, “I had chatted on facebook. I thought that Jennifer was sending code to me. The hacker not only hacked my facebook and gmail account and obtained credit card details from my mail ids and used 10,000 for carrying out some recharge. He even facetimed me keeping a black mask on his face and said he hails from Pakistan.”

Another friend of Jennifer Ruzbeh Irani also became victim of cybercrime. Few days back, Jennifer received a call from Amrin Bhayani in US that her account has also been hacked.

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