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Beware Kashmiri and Khalistani Separatists

A handful of misguided Kashmiri and Khalistani separatists were seen holding demonstration and shouting slogans in London against Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his recent visit to UK which was a great success. They also insulted the honour of our national flag — the tricolour. Police did not have to do anything to control the protesters; Indian diaspora presented in a large number were enough to chase the demonstrators away. They are frustrated and misguided lot. Nothing much can be done about them. The demonstrators made attempts to undermine the national unity and integrity of the country. By insulting the national flag, they tried to challenge 125 crore Indians. The nation will never accept this.

One may have opposition to an individual. You are free to hold demonstration and protest against a person; after all we are a democratic nation. But you can’t insult the national flag.

Had these misguided and eccentric elements cared to turn the pages of Indian history, they would not have the thought of a separate Kashmir or a separate Khalistan. It has been a long span of time when Punjab came out of the dark shadow of Khalistan agitation. Peace and tranquillity prevail in Punjab today. But during the Khalistan agitation, the separatists had gunned several innocent people in Punjab making hundreds of children orphan and women widows. The separatists were getting support from Pakistan. Once the country decided to come down heavily on Khalistan separatists, they were crushed by the police and security forces. Those who survived escaped to other countries. The United Kingdom and Canada are among the countries where Khalistani elements have taken shelter but they small in number. 

Khalistanis Will Be Crushed

Khalistani elements are still active in Canada. They are planning to push India once again into violence in the name of Khalistan agitation. It is their day dreaming since they will never succeed in their plan. In one of the provinces of Canada, Ontario, a resolution was adopted condemning the anti-Sikh riots of 1984 in India in the aftermath of assassination of the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Can we forget the Kanishk air crash which was executed by the Khalistani terrorists to avenge the Army action in the Golden Temple to flush out Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and his supporters from the Sanctum Santorum of the Golden Temple. The Air India flight was on its route from New Delhi to Montreal on June 23, 1985, when the aircraft was blown up in the midair flying at the height of 9,400 meter above the sea level. The aircraft fell in the Atlantic Ocean. All 329 passengers including members of the crew were killed. Majority of them were Indians settled in Canada.

The question is what do the people protesting against Narendra Modi want? One thing should be clear to pro-Khalistan supporters and that is they will never get a separate Khalistan. Thousands of Sikhs are against Khalstan; they are ready to sacrifice their life for the nation. Because of these elements, ties between India and Canada had turned sour recently.

Last year, the visiting Defence Minister of Canada Harjit Singh Sajjan, a Sikh had raised the sensitive issue of anti-Sikh riots of 1984. It was a riot against the Sikhs there is no doubt about it. It can never be justified. But raising the matter by a visiting Foreign Minister to India is not desirable. It was an internal matter of India. The loud mouth minister Harjit Singh Sajjan in an interview to a Delhi newspaper said that the Sikhs living in Canada were deeply hurt by the 1984 riots in India. Capt Amrinder Singh described Harjit Singh Sajjan as a supporter of Khalistan which was avoidable. We should not forget that he was a foreign dignitary visiting India.

Who is Harjit Singh Sajjan to say this? He is considered as a sympathiser of Khalistanis. When he was in India and when he visited Punjab, the Chief Minister of Punjab Capt. Amarinder Singh refused to meet him. 

Blot of the Valley

The elements who insult our Tricolour in the Kashmir valley were also seen in London. They were shouting slogans against India and against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The separatists in Kashmir valley consider themselves great by insulting the national flag and holding Pakistani flags in hand. They are funded by the ISI of Pakistan. They should be reminded that in Pakistan which they consider to be a heaven is a country where human rights are trampled and there is no individual freedom. In Pakistan, Hindus, Christians, Shias and Ahmedias are massacred by the dominant Sunni Muslims.

There is growing agitation in the Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir by the people who are being crushed by the Pakistani forces. The agitation is growing in the areas of Muzaffarabad, Gilgit and Kotli.

This is high time the separatists and pro-Pakistan elements in the Kashmir valley learn lesson and abandon anti-national protest in Jammu & Kashmir.


 (The writer is a Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha)

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