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BJP dancing to the tune of Modi

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It was reported that a woman complained to the police that the monkey had snatched her mobile phone. They advised her to visit the forest department. Many times you can regain your valuables from the monkey if you try to offer him some eatables like “puri”, ‘Kachori’, or a ‘laddoo’. Few months back, people were offering biscuits to a young monkey at Borivali national park but he vanished away. Once I handed him a home made “ puri”. Monkeys are aware about what they want.

The Shiv Sena has differences with the BJP over seat sharing issues. It has been saying that its relationship with BJP is inseparable. The party wants to keep a major share of seats which remains unacceptable to the BJP. The BJP has been coming up with various seat sharing formula with Shiv Sena but no headway is being made. A participant on TV show said that Shiv-Sena-BJP tussle will end immediately if BJP accepts Uddhav Thackeray as the Chief Ministerial candidate.

Indian politics has become very murky and therefore Chinese President Xi Jinping and Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif are getting emboldened and flexing their muscles against India. Do you know why China attacked India in the year 1962? It was because Nehru was more good looking, spoke better English and seemingly (as perceived by the Chinese) wanted to make a mark in the global arena. The Chinese are worried about India’s growth.

They want to gain superiority over India in the Asia region. The BJP has been giving too much importance to Amit Shah as Narendra Modi lauded his performance and also called him man of the match.

BJP had won the Lok Sabha poll was as people were fed up with the performance of the UPA government which failed to deliver. They were also not pleased with disconnect between Congress and the masses. The results of the Lok Sabha election were a sort of storm to fill the vacuum but BJP has been dancing to the tunes of Modi and Amit Shah and sidelining hardworking party workers. Modi is an excellent communicator and has the capacity to turn losing situations into winning situations. However, he must ask officials to do their work and monitor their performance on a periodical basis. Some discipline needs to be instilled in our bureaucracy and also among political functionaries. Let Modi’s American trip become a success and pave way for more investments into India.

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