BJP will have to regroup after Delhi debacle


Prime Minister Narendra Modi must work sincerely now by shedding all pomp and show trying to be a world leader. A renowned author says, humanized PM is better than a glamorized one. The Lok Sabha election victory has gone to the head of Modi and Amit Shah and Arvind Kejriwal too will follow them soon. AAP had emerged victorious in Delhi as Muslims and Christians were unhappy with BJP following RSS agenda. AAP has won due to negative voting against BJP.

The saffron party also had to pay heavy price for making personal attacks against Arvind Kejriwal. AAP had also criticized BJP for failing to fulfill the promises made by it. Kiran Bedi’s elevation as the Chief Ministerial candidate was one of the reason for BJP’s lackluster performance in Delhi. This was the party’s first major electoral defeat since Prime Minister Narendra Modi led the BJP to victory in last year’s Lok Sabha polls. However, Modi is an experienced leader and he must avoid show off and must now start working for the development of the nation.

Amit Shah, your claim of being an election strategist is all bogus and exaggeration. I think you yourself realized it when you had appointed Yogi Adityanath as the star campaigner for UP bypolls. What is the need of wearing so many different stylish clothes and shoes when former Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri did not do it? (You could have learnt from your Varanasi candidacy). When you were campaigning for Lok Sabha election, I wrote profusely in your support, hoping that you will offer berth to technocrats and experts in your cabinet. However, you have not taken any step in this regard. If leaders like Sakshi Maharaj are your spiritual anchors then how will you govern India which is known for its cultural diversity?

You still have a lot of time provided you curb your “Heropanti”.

Leave certain tasks to be performed by others in future. Development is an on-going process. Avoid acquiring fertile agricultural land for industrial purposes. Many farmers in our country have marginal land holdings. Co-operative farming failed in the past due to various local ( social) factors. When corporates can sell “dhaniya” in retail outlets why can’t they visit villages for some days in a month and assist the farmers. Suicides are occurring because farmers are not offered good support price by the government. There is a need for corporates to adopt a cluster of villages and promote their development.

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