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Bloodshed in the name of religion condemned

As instructed by the Supreme Court, the NIA is investigating the Love Jihad Case of Kerala. In this investigation, NIA has found that Shafin Jahan (the person who married a Hindu) through a facebook group was in touch with ISIS through a Messaging App. A strict watch should be kept on any person who is in touch with ISIS. It is not possible that the intentions of a person, who have been in contact of ISIS, could be good. We all know how detrimental have been the designs of ISIS in other countries. A normal person will not like to be affiliated or in touch with such an organisation. Hence, many questions arise when proof of Shafin Jahan’s ISIS connection is found. This person’s ISIS connection and his being named in the Love Jihad matter makes it an extremely important issue. This makes the country see how deep are the entrenchment of the Love Jihad plot in Kerala. It is necessary to seriously work to bring people who have become indoctrinated into this path. The Mullahs and Maulavis should work for this and bring back our children back into the national fold. Every effort should be made to keep away from the path of bloodshed in the name of religion.

Vaijayanti Suryavanshi

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