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Sunday, September 24, 2023
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Brand Modi worked for NDA

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When Narendra Modi was appointed as the chairman of BJP’s election campaign committee it was anticipated that NDA will improve its tally of seats in the Lok Sabha election. The manner in which NDA won the election by trouncing the UPA has really surprised me. The alliance was well aware that defeating UPA is a tough task hence they fielded Narendra Modi who possess a clean image and is known for transforming Gujarat. Frankly speaking the BJP didn’t have any other option besides Narendra Modi who is a charismatic leader and is known for attracting crowds. In the last election, the party had fielded L K Advani to campaign for election but it failed to work.

There are various other factors besides Modi which enabled the NDA to sweep the Lok Sabha election. In marketing it is said that before selling a product you have to market it well which will induce the buyer to purchase it. Several products are available in the market. Many times, people purchase a product not because it is of superior quality but they get influenced by its advertising.

NDA has adopted the same strategy for coming into power. Narendra Modi was a product and the party did not leave any stone unturned to publicise him so that the message reach every nook and corner of the nation. A slogan named ‘Ab Ki Baar, Modi Sarkar’ was created and aired on television as it became a instant hit among the masses.
Even people started chanting the slogan ‘Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkar’. This message was also trending on social networking sites which further boosted the popularity of Narendra Modi. Thus people became aware about Modi and his accomplishments. A message was sent across the nation that Modi is the only leader who can develop the nation and provide good governance.

On the other hand, the UPA didn’t market itself well which resulted into its downfall. When it comes to marketing and branding the NDA was far ahead of UPA. UPA was contesting the election on the basis of the developmental work undertaken by them whereas NDA sent across a message that it will bring a change and take the nation forward. The alliance also mentioned that it will control inflation and also eliminate corruption from the country.
NDA’s agenda was more advanced and it lured voters and appealed them to vote for Modi and bring some change for the betterment of the nation. Anti-incumbency factor was another reason responsible for the fall of the UPA government. People were already fed up of the rising corruption and inflation prevailing during the UPA government.

People voted for Modi expecting that he will bring some positive changes, curb inflation and provide better administration. He should live up to the expectations of the people and fulfil the promises made in the party’s agenda.

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