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Brett Lee, Tannishtha’s UNindian Runs Into Trouble With Censor Board?

Former Australian pacer Brett Lee believes that the audience will see “passionate chemistry” between him and actress Tannishtha Chatterjee in UNindian, even though the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) apparently asked the makers to reduce length of romantic scenes from the movie.

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Apparently, the Board has raised objection over a scene in UNindian and have asked the makers to reduce its length.

“Whatever happens (referring to objection over scene by CBFC), you will see that beautiful and passionate chemistry between us (me and Tannishtha),” Brett Lee told PTI.

“We have Indian producer and director who made the film, my co-actress is Indian and there are lot of people who worked on the film are Indian, so I will leave up to them to take a call if they (CBFC) are doing the right thing or not,” he said.

Meanwhile, movie’s director Anupam Sharma feels it’s sad that an objection is raised over a love scene.

“They (CBFC) have asked to reduce love making scene up to 40 to 50 seconds. It’s a one or two seconds scene and they have asked to reduce it by half. They are here to certify,” he said. “It is sad that we have to face this issue (despite) no vulgarity or abuse or violence or nudity. We will make appeal (and) there is no option,” Mr Sharma added.

However at the same time, the director says he might even give into CBFC’s demands.

“It’s a matter of some 60 seconds. I am not going to take my distributors on ransom as they have invested so much money in releasing the film in India,” he added.

Tannishtha has a piece of advice for the CBFC that it should raise concern over scenes showing violence.

“I have an advice to the Board that onscreen they should allow love and they should be concerned about violence. If they want to censor love making they would contribute to Indian society by making censorship in form of procreation so we have healthy economy and better development considering the rate at which our population is growing,” she said.

UNindian opens in cinema houses on August 19.

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