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Bridge the gap between the rich and poor

We are witnessing sudden increase in Maoist violence in Chattisgarh. One reason for these incidents is due to unequal distribution of wealth (prevalence of too much gap between rich and the poor) and an elitist approach to administration. We see pictures of ministers, secretaries, film stars, rich cricketers but have you ever seen picture of a village level worker or a tribal beauty in our news papers and TV channels? Good administration always starts from bottom to the top level which is not happening in our country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is amicably leading our nation at the global arena.

In my previous writings, I had pointed out that local level administration must be empowered to deal with losses to cultivators. I read a good thing said by Maharashtra government that they will start providing counseling to debt-ridden farmer which is praiseworthy. After suffering crop loss, the farmer feels quite alone, without friends, money and without any one to console and provide strength to him.

Since the IPL tournament is happening why not include five-six tribal youth in each team? They will not play but they can be with the team to get a feeling of being wanted. Youth can join the practice session with the players. They can eat some food with the teams and when they return to hamlets, they can share the experience with their community. This will bridge the gap between the upper class and underpriviledged. I read a report about BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj where he says that those having more than three children should not be allowed to vote. He wants Muslims to undergo sterilization process and uniform law for all religions across the country. He also is against appeasement of any community. He said that effective family planning can control the country’s population growth.

Steps must be taken to curb the rising population which will pave way for the nation’s development. The government must find out the best possible measures to urgently control our population. People having more than three children should not be inducted in central and state civil services a step which can be implemented. Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut had demanded the abolition of voting rights of Muslims to prevent the community being used as vote bank by political parties. He blamed the Congress for appeasement of Muslims a policy which is followed by every political party these days. According to me voting rights of Muslims should not be revoked.

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