Monday, September 27, 2021
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BSF corner three terrorists

Terror strike on BSF camp near Srinagar’s airport is foiled of now, but the impending danger of airports in India is causing concern. The high security at International Airport in Srinagar is under continuous threat as the terror activities are centred around the Kashmir valley for some time now. Three militants managed to breach the layered security and reached the side gate for the camp.  In the retaliatory fire one militant was killed and the other two dashed inside and created a flutter. The security forces eliminated them in a fierce gun battle for 8 hours. Such types of operation deception are taking place time and again and the forces come out successful every time. However, every time terror strikes India, there is the usual wailing and breast beating. Debates follow on how to hit back.  Our selfish politicians have relegated national security to the back benches. All they are interested in is raising their pay, creating controversies for vote banks and ways to loot the nation. The armed forces have been continuously degraded and humiliated in various ways. Every pay commission has systematically improved the status of the exalted civil services. There has not been any knowledgeable debate on national security.  It is time to pay more attention to national security.

C.K. Ramani

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