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Call for coalition politics confusing — Part II

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deve gowda

What six decades could not bestow us with can’t be expected overnight. Idiocy and criminalisation are stumbling blocks. The restaging of a Janata conundrum will not solve issues. The Dynasty wants to dump investigation files to cold storage which pertains to their survival. Luring poor by promising impossibilities is a clear sign of their urgency to cling to power. Just type scams since independence in Google, we will get answers for the reason of poverty in the country.

Friendly contest within Mahagathbandhan viz. UP, Bengal, Kerala, AP, Telangana, Assam, Punjab, Haryana, J&K, Delhi constituting about 50 per cent of Lok Sabha seats amounts to the fraud of people’s mandate. We are rivals in states but friends in Delhi are not acceptable. Gowda’s formula of Karnataka to make CM of the minority party keep BJP away is merely a mockery of democracy. Nation has witnessed the fate of minority govt of Chandrashekhar, Deve Gowda, and Gujral. These short term PMs became a liability to the exchequer as they acquire the privilege of the former PM amounting few hundred crores a year.

What is the harm to informing citizens on recent surgical strike or ASAT development? The recent government has every right to disseminate their achievements to us. It shows their sincere will and guts to take bold decisions. On the other side, the opposition failed to see the diplomatic win over Pakistan as every country has stood behind India and remained silent on the strike as it shows their (foreign) moral support to us. We were expecting the same reaction from the UPA government that came during the 26/11 attack, an incident of beheading our soldier at the border, etc. You must understand that people are not so blind and they are well versed with recent development. While the present government has definite goals (in terms of Development, making country economically, strategically strong and sound) the UPA had no specific goals except opposing Government and doing the impractical announcement.

It is important to understand that elections are being held for democracy, freedom, secularism, and liberalism. There is no question of which party retracted their promises, deceived their in-house staff or played foul for winning. The desultory from the real question will again lead us in the unguided direction of election. Hence, it’s requested to create your own risk-benefit analysis and then be opinionated about development and progress rather than relying on expensive election campaigns.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)
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