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Campa Cola Compound should be regularised

The Campa Cola compound issue has been widely discussed in the media and petition too has been filed in the court several times but the problem has not been resolved amicably. Campa Cola has been a popular drink and the building would have been constructed to reflect this popularity. The BMC personnel then would have amassed hefty gratification to let its construction proceed unhindered. However, today we see its residents in distress. It’s a matter which should have been settled by countless page 3 persons whom we see in news papers every day. Lata Mangeshkar too owns a flat in the Campa Cola compound but she has chosen to tweet very late after the Supreme Court has rejected the plea of the residents to stay the eviction.

The illegally constructed floors must not be dismantled now after so many years. These floors must be regularized and strict action must be taken against the builder and BMC officers during whose reign this malpractice occurred. The work of BMC is very shoddy. Look at the reaction of the civic body which claims that it is only abiding by the Supreme Court order. Will they wait for the SC order to de-silt the drains and dispose off the dredged material properly?

The Central Railway is another negligent organization. They are not checking trees existing near the rail line and start working when trees collapse on railway lines. Few old and big trees exist near Kalyan station which has become weak from the bottom as termites ate them. Such trees should be removed before they collapse on rail tracks. When I was travelling to Khardi on 3rd June a tree collapsed near Asangaon and it had to be cut and removed which disrupted the movement of trains. Precautionary inspection is necessary to avert tree collapse incidents during rainy season.

Delhi witnesses’ power failure as several poles and transmission towers collapsed on account of storm. People complain that “Bijli nahin aa rahi”, but they must check the reason behind it. There is a need to check the design and strength of such electric poles. Electric power generation subject must be introduced in the syllabus of 11th and 12th standard. Transmission and distribution must be introduced as a compulsory chapter to create awareness among youth so they can address this issue when they occupy an office in the future.

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