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Can Rajinikanth fill political vacuum in Tamil Nadu?

Tamil superstar Rajinikanth is likely to make a foray into politics. The actor will make an announcement pertaining to his stance of political entry on December 31. Will Rajinikanth be able to fill the political vacuum in Tamil Nadu after the death of J Jayalalithaa? Tamil Nadu politics has been witnessing severe mayhem after Jayalalithaa’s demise. Jayalalithaa was known as a mass leader and she had amicably managed the functioning of AIADMK. However, after her demise infighting is prevailing within AIADMK to take control over the reins of the party. On the other hand, age related ailments have kept Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) president M Karunanidhi away from active politics. Both Jayalalithaa and Karunanidhi were known for their administrative skills and ability to connect with voters. Will Rajinikanth be able to gain stature of both these leaders in Tamil Nadu? Can he attract voters and take the state’s politics forward? Fans have always urged Rajinikanth to enter politics and political observers too have much expectations from him. The actor always was reluctant to make his debut in politics but have always given hints about taking a political plunge. Tamil Nadu is a state which is known for electing successful actors as chief ministers. According to reports, Rajinikanth is likely to float his own political outfit and may not join right wing nor the left wing. The superstar had first given a hint of making a political entry in August this year.

Preeti Sharma Menon, AAP leader said, “According to me people should join politics and we will have to induct right candidate in this field to cleanse the system. In south India, many political parties like DMK and Telugu Desam Party (TDP) have been formed but they too have emulated other parties that have been indulging in corruption. Being a renowned actor you can definitely attract voters but what matters is your party’s values and ideology.”
“If Rajinikanth takes initiative to fight corruption and communal forces by entering politics then it augurs well for the nation’s development and I will definitely support him. According to me, a common man should become Jayalalithaa’s successor in Tamil Nadu politics instead of actors so that they will work for the welfare of masses,” she added.

Actor Pradeep Velankar said, “If Rajinikanth succeeds in carrying forward his agenda with the people then definitely he will be able to make it big in politics. I don’t like people launching their own outfit after being dismissed from a party. Jayalalithaa was able to win people’s confidence due to good governance. According to me, ideology matters in politics.”

Priya Dutt, former Congress MP said, “If Rajinikanth enters politics then it is a good decision. Many actors have done good work for masses after making a foray into politics. Rajinikanth is a respected celebrity and he will definitely work for the development of the state and nation.”

T.K.S. Elangovan, DMK MP said, “Let Rajinikanth float his own party first. Let him declare his own agenda and policies for the promotion of education, language policy and farmer’s policy. He should spell out his policies first which would be beneficial for Tamil Nadu residents. Later people of Tamil Nadu will decide whether to support him or not.”

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