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Can you quit facebook for 99 days?

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. However, how does it sound when every electronic gadgets, every new social networking site becomes a necessity for users? Yes, I am talking about addiction. For today’s youth, their life revolves around social networking sites. Whatever they do, they update their status. While on one hand it is true that social networking sites connects people, on the other hand, it is addictive and one can find many people clicking the like button for their friends’ comments and pictures, uploading their status everyday and spending hours chatting with their childhood chums.

Take anyone’s case and you will find that for facebook, once a user, always a user. In whichever part of the world you may be in doing whatever thing, all your pictures and updated status can be seen on facebook. It is a very convenient medium to keep track of your friends’ current status. However, the trouble lies with those who cannot live without updating their status and uploading their photos. Take for example my case. Everyday I need to check all my friends’ status updates, press the like comment in every new photo they have uploaded etc. One day without facebook and I feel restless.

Recently, a campaign for 99 days of freedom has been launched. It encourages people to stay away from facebook for 99 days, the idea being that an average user spends 17 minutes per day on facebook. This study is conducted on 700,000 facebook users. If one takes part, they can regain 28 hours of their life. There are three steps people have to consider while taking part in this study. They have to keep an image as their facebook profile, create the countdown, log out of facebook and remove all facebook applications from their mobile phones. The social networking site can be just a distraction.

This study is meant to see if people can spend their time in more constructive activities by staying away from facebook. Social media takes people away from the real world so staying three months away from facebook should do people a world of good. Parents should monitor their kid’s usage of facebook. One should not spend too much time on this social networking site as it is addictive. Speaking about the campaign, it would be interesting to watch how many people take part in this campaign and how many people can refrain from using this site for three months!

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