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Catholic wedding celebration

A wedding in a Catholic family is a beautiful occasion for relatives and friends to gather around the bride- to be or groom-to-be in support or encouragement and also to bless them. Traditional ceremonies like the roce for Goans and Mangaloreans and the Umbracha Pani for East Indians have added to the fun and excitement in preparation for the wedding day. The application of coconut juice and milk as a sign of ritual cleansing or a bath with the water drawn from the village well has a certain significance for the person going to get married. But unfortunately, over the years, these ceremonies have degenerated into meaningless rituals because the ‘fun’ element has meant the unnecessary smashing of eggs or the pouring of chilled beer or other smelly concoctions on the persons going to get married. Someone should enlighten on this unique East Indian custom of ‘Umbracha Pani’ to the modern generation who know very little about this tradition and customs of the community. During the celebration of weddings and other events, one should remember the orphans and donate a small portion of their budget to them. These children who have no one to take care of them, except the religious sisters, will feel happy and have a smile on their faces.

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