Sunday, June 13, 2021
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Cauvery to Kaala — controversy continues

Whatever said and done water issue is giving Karnataka Government a torrid time. Cauvery water dispute taking different turns and routes saw a day of unrest in India’s IT Capital. The issue has been highly politicised in Karnataka as the elections are coming up there. Petty politics is taking a heavy toll. Now that the Cauvery water issue is taken to the back seat and Kaala film release issue is coming up to the fore. The fuss over the release of Kaala touched the nadir of cinegoers and taken the country by storm for wrong reasons. Instead, we choose to fight over a concept of the movie or creating a row over the political colour of the lead, we should have a broader outlook. We need to ask ourselves is that it does really need so much of our time and energy while we could channelise this into something more productive.

C K Subramaniam

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