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CBI crosses Lakshman Rekha

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Central Bureau of Investigation, CBI, Diary, Column, Op-Ed, C.K. Subramaniam, Director of CBIThe premier investigation agency entangled in the internal feud is not in the good of the country. Regardless of the outcome, supposed to be certainly more dubious than that of certain past cases conducted by the agency itself, of this politically-oriented drama within India’s top investigation agency. As a lesson, the concerned institution should make mandatory for its investigation officers engaged in high profile cases to have all their calls, incoming and outgoing, to be first intercepted at agency’s server and then forwarded to the destination.

To conclude the corruption, if proved, would cause a trust deficit within the agency as well in the overall system outside of its premises, with the only difference the former is more harmful to the latter. It seems that the rot set in the functioning of the CBI at the top levels some years back has spread far deeper and wide. The credibility of the premier investigating agency of the country is facing an unprecedented crisis. The government should go for a massive shakeup, without no further loss of time, so as to restore its credibility.

A very good move to send both warring CBI officials on leave, the face-saving decision is the need of the hour as this may stop the reputation of the CBI from dipping. This unseemly fight between the Chief and his deputy at the CBI has brought disrepute to both the CBI and the government, the latter for allowing matters to drift this long. It is correct to direct both fighting officers to go on leave so that they are able to influence inquiries into whatever wrongdoing each has accused the other of being complicit in.

It is necessary to appoint only an officer of unimpeachable integrity and competence as the Director of CBI, the appointment being done by consensus between the Government and Opposition. The government must speedily investigate the charges of corruption, intimidation, and favouritism levelled against each other by Verma and Asthana and mete out exemplary punishment to either or both if found guilty. The reputation of the CBI is at stake.

The country is in shock to see the level of rot prevailing in a premium investigation team of the central government. This rot should not be wrapped under the carpet.

When over the ground situation is so rotten one can easily imagine the situation under the carpet. The right step in getting both the officers out of the way to ensure an impartial inquiry into each other’s claims and allegations. CBI credibility is at its low. Those in whom the PM reposed confidence to check corruption have behaved this way. This is also true for many IAS, IPS and Allied services officers who are more responsible for the poor condition of the countrymen than our elected leaders.

When the CBI officials do corruption, what will common people do? According to my suggestion, strict rules must be made to punish the corrupt people so that corruption can leave India. Corruption generally affects innocent people. A right move in the given circumstances is welcome. The process for the appointment of a full-fledged Director, CBI may begin soon. The two top officers of the CBI, who have been asked to proceed on leave, may face a high-level inquiry, presumably by the CVC or by a retired judge of the Supreme Court.

As important as it to focus on growth and improving ease of doing business it is equally important to ensure that democracy is not stifled if not future India would be in a peril.

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