Home Editorial CBI, ED and all other institutions are controlled by the government

CBI, ED and all other institutions are controlled by the government

CBI, ED and all other institutions are controlled by the government
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India and especially young India must ensure our regulatory bodies remain and function independently if democracy has to survive and sustain itself in India. There have been a number of instances where these institutions have been hijacked by politicians for their nefarious and undemocratic goals. Basically, any political party (whether the BJP or the Congress) in power at the centre and in the states will automatically hegemonies independent institutions under its ambit in a bid to take revenge against the opposition exposing its loopholes and gain sympathy among the masses for a vote bank in the next elections exhibiting its greatness.

CBI has always been a caged parrot and so have been the state police. What’s new in this BJP government is that the Judiciary also has lost its credibility. Media was already more-or-less sold out. This is the last straw. Will it break the camel’s back? Let’s wait and watch the great drama unfolding and choose not to participate whichever way the politicians try to fool the country. CBI is supposed to be a premier Investigation Agency in India. But sadly, CBI has been used by the Government for specific tasks. It is also true that for the first time in History after Independence, the CBI was termed by the Supreme Court as a Caged Parrot in 2013 during UPA-II. Since then, CBI has lost its credibility to a greater extent.

The ED and the CBI institutions have become puppets completely under the present ruling government when compared to the UPA government and will not spare a person speaking against it (BJP) even if he’s honest or not and spare the fraudulent in support of it. Both of the institutions are run as Errand boys of the government. They don’t reach justified conclusions. The cases are neither closed nor concluded, they are just kept lingering on for years. Whenever the arm twisting is to be done to gain political support, the files get opened again. It happened in the Subroto Roy case, Mayawati and bros case, Jayalalitha’s case, Mulayam case, Devilal sons and thousands of such cases. The people in both these institutions are not saints, they might have made lots of illegal money, but the beauty is most of them have not been caught and punished.

These days the judiciary also falls in the same bracket. All these institutions and heads are the final authorities and their judgements cannot be challenged. Money exchanges hands to get their protection, we have super-rich advocates on the panel and membership of all influential political parties and they are well protected. Many of the ‘honest’ politicians have ongoing investigations in purportedly not so honest deeds.

The government think-tank needs to burn the midnight oil to settle the matter. It has indeed become a May Day situation for the country’s Apex investigation body’s credibility. Remember Rakesh Astana, Special Director of CBI? He was probed in a money laundering case. CBI is headed by Alok Verma. But Rakesh Astana alleged that Alok Verma is involved in some other bribery case. GOI headed by Modi then sent Director Alok Verma and Special Director Rakesh Astana to indefinite leave stating that the feud between the top and 2nd top officers in CBI are compromising the integrity of the institute. In my opinion, the Modi Govt didn’t stop the mess. They instead helped Rakesh Astana by transforming 13 more officers who were loyal to Alok Verma. Some of them are transferred to Andaman and Nicobar. Thereby stopping the investigation against Rakesh Astana by all means.

Due to such instances, CBI was always a questionable institution since its inception. Earlier governments have used it as a tool to harass people and politicians alike. Better say it’s a tool to play politics. Don’t get fooled by their success rates, it is above 60% but the consequences of cases are almost previously written. Wouldn’t say fake Judgment for the sake of the judiciary, the problem is in prejudicial systems like manners of gathering the evidence and witness issues and foremost the intention of judgment in some cases.

Also, the problem arises when they appoint the director. The so-called person is at the helm of things in government departments like home and internal affairs, education, defence, finance. The director is appointed by the PM, Leader of Opposition and Chief Justice of India with some recommendations from the outgoing director. Also, the director’s post may be sometimes jointly held or sometimes shared by a special director. They remain unemployed for half their careers in CBI, only having their salary, so they, like good hunters, waiting for their chance.

There are no common hunters; they choose how to make sure that the chance is not spilt. They don’t even leave the political party that got them to the position. They start showing their conscience and start blackmailing the concerned party (maybe political or others). These parties are generally high-profile ones. So, we are talking in crores here.