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CD released to malign Patel’s image: Opposition

Opposition parties have termed the Hardik Patel video CD leak incident as an attempt made by BJP to tarnish his image ahead of the upcoming Gujarat assembly polls. According to them, BJP’s popularity has declined in Gujarat; hence, they are adopting these tactics to derive political mileage. They added that BJP has become insecure due to Hardik’s proximity to Congress which may pose challenge for them in the election. Leaders questioned the timing of the release of the video which was made few days ahead of the election. They nonetheless added that BJP can’t take Gujarat voters for a ride as they are aware about the truth and can take informed decisions during election.

Nitin Sardesai, MNS MLA, said, “Hardik has denied that the CD doesn’t belong to him. BJP is facing problems in Gujarat hence they are indulging in such tactics. BJP had claimed that they are a party with difference but people are unhappy with their performance due to poor governance.”

Mohansingh Rathwa, Opposition leader of Gujarat Congress,
said, “Why Hardik Patel’s CD has been released prior to Gujarat assembly polls, why was it not done earlier? However, Gujarat voters won’t accept such things. Already Patidars are supporting Congress which has promised to work for their welfare. Patidars are wholeheartedly supporting Hardik Patel.”

Vidya Chavan, NCP MLA, said, “This is a politically motivated decision keeping in mind the forthcoming Gujarat assembly polls. It is unjustified to malign a person’s image just to derive political mileage. Attempts are being made to divert people’s attention. Nobody has verified the truth. Ever since Hardik Patel had aligned with Congress for the Gujarat polls BJP has become insecure hence they are resorting to such cheap tactics. Hardik was arrested after he had spearheaded a campaign in support of Patidar reservation and vigil was kept on his movements in the state. Releasing CD before assembly polls is a strategy to tarnish Hardik’s image. It is a pre-planned move. Nobody has guts to release Modi and Amit Shah’s image.”

Yogesh Sagar, BJP MLA, said, “Only Hardik Patel can answer this question. The person who has released the CD has claimed that it belongs to Hardik on the other hand he is blaming BJP.”

Hardik Patel has vowed to defeat the BJP in the Gujarat Assembly elections by joining hands with Congress. Congress has promised to provide reservation to Patidars if it is voted to power. The Gujarat elections will be held in two phases on December 9 and 14 and the results will be declared on December 18.

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