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Central govt should announce tough decisions of salary-restrictions

Salary, Coronavirus, COVID-19, COVID19, Salary Hike, EmployersCentral government should announce tough decisions of salary-restrictions where Delhi High Court judges pay rupees 10000 each for corona-relief while Telangana government announces big salary-cuts for all in legislature and bureaucracy. It refers to varying types of contributions made by different categories of persons drawing salary from public-exchequers where Delhi High Court judges paying rupees ten thousand each to PM Cares Fund, while most others contributed one-month salary. Telangana government announced a big cut in salaries and pensions differently for those in legislature and posted in different categories of government-service with largest salary-cut of 75-percent for all those in legislature including Chief Minister himself and 10-percent for class-IV employees with 60-percent cut for IAS officers and 50-percent cut for other junior officers.

Biggest economic recession is on door-step once corona-crisis is controlled where government-expenditure will considerably increase on health-services with a massive cut in tax-collection because of largely declined trade activities in the country. It may be tough to cut salary of government-employees at least to a scale announced by Telangana government. However central government during lock-down period announce tough economic measures to cut down expenses which may not be so easy to be digested by affected ones after corona-crisis is over. It should be announced that there will not be any increase in allowances like Dearness Allowance for next three years. Maximum limit of salary, allowances and other monetary benefits direct or indirect for those in legislature and judiciary including President and Chief Justice of India should be restricted to that of Union Cabinet Secretary. MPLADS scheme for MPs and likewise in states for MLAs and MLCs should be suspended for next three years if not totally abolished. Medical services at government-expense may be available only in government hospitals or dispensaries.

– Madhu Agrawal

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