Centre vs Delhi government


Our parliament is a huge building. The ministry of shipping is located close to the parliament street. Earlier it was much easier to enter these places but now even a maid has to sign a register to take the lift upwards. I do not know how many registers are being filled all over across the country. Carrying identity card and its photocopy has become mandatory almost everywhere. I must congratulate the Passport office for becoming efficient, thanks to the system adopted by TATA consultancy services’s to streamline the passport issuance system. The staff members too are people friendly.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is demanding statehood for Delh. AAP alleges that the BJP is trying to govern Delhi through the Lieutenant Governor — who acts as the Centre’s representative in the capital. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar backed the AAP government’s demand for full statehood for Delhi. Kumar said the AAP government in the capital should have full powers to decide the transfer and posting of bureaucrats

Right from day one, I have mentioned that this guy is a trouble maker. I came to know about his true character while he was campaigning for election in Varanasi. In the rally, Kejriwal spoke about Modi and said “Woh to buri tarah haar raha hai.” I knew here is a man who will tell a blatant lie with a straight face which comes naturally to him.

Petrol and diesel will be dearer in the national capital with the AAP government’s decision to increase VAT rates on them. It is the first hike in Value Added Tax effected by Aam Aadmi Party government since capturing power in Delhi. The decrease in diesel prices would also be less in Delhi due to a hike in Value Added Tax (VAT).

The Delhi Assembly had on June 30 cleared VAT Amednment Bill, tabled by Arvind Kejriwal’s government, which allowed it to increase VAT up to 30% on 11 goods including petroleum products, tobacco and aerated drinks. Moreover, watching movies and television has become dearer in the national capital. Apart from this, watching television through cable and DTH services has become expensive as the decision to increase an entertainment tax on these services from Rs 20 to Rs 40 was also notified by the AAP government.

Regarding Pakistan, a track two diplomacy involving popular figures who will gain easy acceptance there, can work and not any hand shake between Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharif. Even though official talks must be carried on to sustain engagement between both the nations.