Friday, September 24, 2021
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Chain snatching incidents on the decrease

With so many chain snatching incidents taking place at regularly, the security of the women passengers going out was becoming highly risky. In view of the above, the Mumbai police have taken corrective steps to apprehend the culprit in an effort to reduce the number of cases. The modus operandi is that these chain snatchers follow the path of women passengers on regular basis and noting down various factors relating to their movements and attack one of them at an appropriate moment. The police force acted in a tough way in dealing with chain snatchers. Now awareness has been created among the women wearing jewels on the streets. The police force outside the station area and the Railway reserve police inside stations are keeping a close vigil on miscreants and follow their movement on a regular basis and apprehend them on a regular basis to create fear among the chair snatchers. The CCTV camera was functional and the culprits were arrested in a combined operation. Thus, the chain snatching cases reduced drastically.

Chitra Rugmini

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