Saturday, November 27, 2021
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Change is within us

If Narendra Modi becomes Prime Minster no significant change is likely to occur as we citizens must have to undertake this task. We are more interested in watching the debate involving “ Jasodabehn” and “ Robert Vadra” on television. Prem Shukla had written that had Balasaheb Thackeray not been there, “hanari sunnat ho jati”. True, Balasaheb was a great organizer but we are relying too much on him and Modi. We are only thinking about judging our leaders. For bringing radical reforms, we need to be “tejaswi and ojaswi”. Tomorrow, some one may write, had Arvind Kejriwal not been there, the country would have been gripped under corruption.

Look at how media is giving coverage to Shazia Ilmi, Somnath Bharti and Arvind Kejriwal. None of them have proved themselves and yet nobody is asking television channels to stop discussing about these “good for nothing” leaders. Tomorrow if Meera Sanyal wins, what work she will do which she has not done so far? If Medha Patkar wins, she will halt all projects. What is the purpose of revising electoral rolls if Ram Jethmalani and Deepak Parekh cannot exercise their franchise? This job can be performed better by dedicated girls who regularly work every Sunday for polio eradication activity. They will do an excellent job in revising and updating electoral rolls.

Both fanatics and liberal minded persons exist in Hindu and Muslim communities. Our job is to ignore the bad ones and talk about and be guided by the ones who are good. All of us need to help Modi in implementing constructive agenda and vociferously oppose those who may try to ride piggy back on him with their regressive agenda. That is our duty. Spot the bad person and protest effectively till he/she is dismissed from the cabinet.

Do we know that we do not have a single good passenger ship owned by an Indian company (after the loss of M.V. Chidambaram). On the other hand, N. Srinivasan is trying to control BCCI and own Chennai Super Kings instead of building a good shipping company. Why do you think that Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the fittest man to be the Vice President of India Cements Limited? Is it because more money can be made through IPL and cricket instead of nurturing and promoting a technical venture? Friends, we always look for short cuts and that is why we are lagging behind in manufacturing sector which is vital for our development.

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